Habit 2: Always Have A Goal In Mind

Always have a goal in mind, give a purpose to every activity you undertake.

Establish a clear goal in every gym session, study session, working day, night out, time on the train, etc. Ask yourself what do I want to achieve or experience in this specific activity? By internalising this habit you are making every moment contribute toward achieving your higher goal. This technique keeps your mind focussed on specific tasks and helps to avoid procrastination; preventing you from living on auto pilot.

Important: Be as specific as you can! The most concrete and measurable goal are the best goals. Avoid ambiguous goals like ‘Give my 100%’.

Some examples of measurable goals:

  • Gym session: Choose a specific exercise that will help you to achieve your weekly goal. How many repetitions do you want to do? How heavy you want to go?
  • Night out: improve your communication and sales skills by getting at least two people truly interested on your company. Work on your engaging people in deep conversation.
  • Afternoon with friend: practise your listening skills – Discover one new feature of his/her personality.
  • Working day: finish a specific task, report or model.
  • Time on train: read one chapter of that book you’ve been reading. Have a list of messages you need to send to clients and get it done.

By doing this, even leisure time will contribute toward achieving your final goal. Remember that time is a limited resource, so make the most of each moment. Be aware. Be prime.

For more positive habits you can add to your life be sure to check out BE|PRIME habits series or the links below!

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