HABIT 1: Drink Water and Breathe Consciously

Habits are incredibly powerful and often require an initial conscious effort to form. Succeeding in the creation of a good habit (or the deactivation of a bad one) is always for the betterment of your character. Even the smallest positive changes to ones routine, environment and frame of mind can compound over time and ensure you are always pushing yourself to be better today than you were the day before. Habit number 1 from BE|PRIME is a simple, yet effective habit which helps you stay in control of your health and your mind by encouraging you to consciously breathe and consume your optimum amount of water in you day. Make it a habit! If you can succeed in creating a small habit like this regularly then you will see your life and your pathway to success open in front of you. Read more below:


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Habit 2: Always Have a Goal in Mind

You can also download this infograph in PDF form here – Habit 1 – BePrime


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