The Achievement Model – Creating a Mindset for Success

Infogaph Achievement Model

The Mental Dimension of Achievement infograph demonstrates the transformation and stages of evolution of the prime human.


The Achievement System

Success is not achieved through a linear process, on the contrary it is a multidimensional concept that works as an engine in which all pieces must work together to produce the synergy required to achieve our goals.

How does it start?    

When we firmly decide to pursue our goals and not to compromise, this engine becomes available to us. The activation of the machinery results from both the decision made and its execution.

The process initiates when we act according to our goals, taking control of our lives and responsibility for our behaviour; accepting that we are where we deserve to be, and where we end up will be the result of our decisions.

Old environment and Self-Discovery

Once the process has initiated, it is important to take only the very best of our current environment to build the base of our new reality.

A self-discovery process should help us recognise and understand our character, personality, and desires; allowing us to design a base structure with our learnt lessons, strengths, positive habits, passions and motivations.

Self-discovery is a two dimensional process:  it is a preface to the establishment of goals, whilst also being a continuous process. As preliminary phase, self-discovery should be brief, since the circumstances in which we have grown influence us but do not determine us.  What really matters is what we want to be, because it is our actions that define us. In its second dimension, self-discovery is an endless process which occurs in parallel with the pattern of success. During the construction of our new environment we are consistently learning about ourselves, ensuring we leave our weaknesses behind us and reinforce aspects which we can use in our favour.

Setting goals

In order to succeed we should have a goal to achieve. It is not important whether the road is indiscernible, or the means are unclear. In fact, the essential factor is that the goals are ambitious and effort is required to achieve them. Only in this way will we break internal paradigms and take advantage of our potential.

What if the goal is unclear?

We should not be afraid or feel lost if we do not have a defined goal. Humans are changing constantly so this situation is not only “normal” but “expected”. In order to expand our vision and discover our passions, the first target should be to put ourselves in situations that push us out of our comfort zone.

Action to start and create a new environment

The critical factor that separates success from mediocrity is ACTION: TO EXECUTE – GET THINGS DONE.

Once we visualise an objective we should act immediately, ensuring that every action contributes toward accomplishing it.  There will never be a perfect circumstance or a better moment to start. If the decision is made on Wednesday, we act on Wednesday, there is no point in waiting until Monday, a new month, a perfect plan or sufficient resources.

The key to success is starting before being ready, undertaking before being an expert. By doing this, we will learn to adjust the engine, making it more accurate and efficient.

TAKING ACTION is not a step in the process – it is the base and core of it.


The right mindset must be a constant in the process of success, and when joined with ACTION they form the motor of the engine. Motivation is a commitment with ourselves that allows us to take full advantage of the opportunities and overcome our limits.


The transformation of our goals into plans is fundamental, as a well-structured plan will be our guide in constructing our new environment. By converting our desires into SMART objectives, we will achieve big changes with small steps.

Strategy & Productivity

Planning is easy when compared with its execution. During this process, planning-execution, we realize that resources (such as time and money) are limited and we find obstacles of all shapes and sizes.

We need our creativity to design and activate strategies that ignite us; strategies that will later become habits, permitting us to achieve our goals by making us more productive and efficient.

Synergy – 

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – Aristotle

The joint work of the pieces (execution since the moment the decision is made, creating a strong and positive mindset, establishing clear goals, developing effective strategies and optimizing our time and energy) will produce the desired synergy to create new environment and achieve objectives, converting us into Prime humans.

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