Financial Freedom – The Financial End Goal

financialfreedomFinancial freedom must be a goal for Prime Humans. Money must be a means and not an obstacle when endeavoring to achieve our ultimate end.

Increasing our personal wealth is an objective we should seek consciously; in other words, we need to desire it, set clear goals and focus our actions toward reaching those goals. Working extra hours, growing academically and professionally is not enough, because economic wealth is not inherent to hard work; it also requires wise financial decisions.

Considering financial freedom as an independent goal involves designing and following a plan that allows us to recognize and restore our financial habits. When we do not manage our money actively, we can easily lose track of the income-expense ratio leaving us wondering how the money runs away from our hands so fast.

By defining economic wealth as a goal and not as a lovely causality, we become available to saving and investment opportunities in accord with our risk profile and our objectives. If contrarily, we leave our finances to luck, chances are that we become dependent on a single source of income which we “invest” in a savings account or a term deposit which pay a paltry interest rate.

The key to achieve financial freedom is to multiply our revenues, make our money to work for us via passive income. No matter what our current reality is – our economic situation or our monthly income; we can always set goals, plan and act, working consciously on the development of our financial intelligence. Think now where do you want to be in 20 years, how much money you need? Remember to always think big and start searching for solutions: Is there a way to generate additional revenue? What are the possibilities that my environment offers? What opportunities can I create? Get involved and be aware of the different investment options the market has to offer – make yourself available to business opportunities, train your brain to think constantly about boosting your income. Do not forget that economic wealth is not the result of your wage, but what you decide to do with it.

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