The Logic of Success

One of the biggest fallacies imprinted deep into our brain is the apparent knowledge that we cannot achieve something; that success is given to the successful through some stroke of sheer luck. Although it is true that cases exist where extreme prosperity is brought upon a person without a large focus and effort on their behalf – for the most part this is not the case – and probability is against it ever happening to you. However, there is hope. You can achieve any goal provided that it is what you desire and thirst for more than any short term satisfaction.

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Every person that has climbed the ladder of success and sustained that position with longevity has utilised the same exact tools you have available to you right now – right this second. Every pathway to higher levels of thinking, fitness, appearance, money and spirituality have all been conquered using the body and the mind – they are the only two things with which we may manifest such results. The thriving entrepreneur has literally conducted a specific series of movements and actions which has led them to their present situation. Many of these actions are the direct result of hard work, failure and an unwavering persistence toward achieving what it is they desire – it is the old mantra that ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’ It is only the fact that a thousand mile journey seems daunting before one sets out that prevents them from every taking that first step.

Take a moment to think now about whatever it is you desire and ask yourself – ‘Why can’t I do it?’. Unless there is an inherent and irreparable roadblock that physically or mentally impairs your ability to do so then the answer, the only true answer is ‘I can’. Anything else is an excuse. If you have trouble losing weight for example, you could blame it on the food, you may blame it on your body but when the excuses stop the only obstacle is your brain – you either don’t want it or you don’t know how. Not knowing how may have been a reason in the past, but it is no excuse for the future. If losing weight is your real desire and you want it more than anything then you will learn, you will do better and you will achieve this goal. The same goes for any situation with success, money and so on.

Wanting something more than anything is not defined as something you would like to have or would love to happen or that you would enjoy. It is an insatiable thirst that is quenched only by achieving this goal. Something you would sacrifice all produce that serves as a means of short term satisfaction. Consider the situation of saving money; If you want to save money – and I mean really save money – you will sacrifice the takeaway food, the impulse buys and the like that make you feel good in the moment. It is simple logic that if you spend the minimum amount required for you to live then you will save the maximum amount possible for your current situation. And so it is for all of life’s goals.

If you separate your mind from its irrationality and think clearly through a lens of pure logic there exists no reason whatsoever as to why you cannot achieve your goals. The real reason (although you may tell, even convince yourself otherwise) is that you do not really want it more than you want the small dopamine hit received through short term satisfaction. After all is said and done, the only person who is going to change your situation is you. The only person that has complete control over your actions is you. So ‘why can’t you do it?’.

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